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I woke up early the morning of June 6th… maybe around 4 or 5:00. I felt a really big movement (which now I think was baby turning from the posterior position). He knew today was the day :) The contractions were stronger than they had been, so I knew it wasn’t just practice. I took a bath, ate, rested, and they didn’t subside. I told Matt that he should call in to work just in case. I called Lindsey to tell her that it was the day. I’m so glad she was able to make it up to Cedar Falls to photograph my labor and birth. So much of labor and delivery is a haze for most mamas, so it’s nice to be able to look back at the images and put the story together. I will cherish these photos forever! After a couple hours, the contractions slowed and eased up a bit, so I went for a walk by myself later that morning. I walked about a mile. By the time I got home, the surges were a lot stronger. Lindsey showed up shortly after I got home. She brought little Hallie along. We started filling the birthing tub. Dane disappeared into his room for a minute and returned in his swim trunks :) Matt made him some banana ice cream. I had concerns about Dane being home during my labor and worried it would scare him. He did so much better than I ever could have expected! Cedar Falls photography | Des Moines photography I got in the tub for a bit, and apparently Dane wasn’t happy about the temperature. He wanted the water to be cold so he could swim. I don’t remember that, but Lindsey was writing down all the funny things he did and said. Cedar Falls photography | Des Moines photography I got back out of the tub and called my midwife, Brenda to come on over. Cedar Falls photography | Des Moines photography Things started to get pretty uncomfortable again, so I got back in the tub. At one point Lindsey said Dane sat down by her and said in a really nonchalant way… “My mom is really freaking me out.”Cedar Falls birth photography | Des Moines birth photography Hallie started to get cranky. I think she got caught up in all the excitement that day and decided to forgo her nap. I was still feeling fine between contractions. I was still able to sit back and carry on short conversations, so we didn’t think we were very close to meeting babe. Lindsey went into my bedroom to try to lay Hallie down when all of the sudden I let out a loud yell. Until then, I had been humming through my contractions, so she knew I was starting to push. It came on so suddenly and unexpected! Lindsey ran back out to the living room… taking photos and video while bouncing screaming Hallie in the Ergo :) Oh yeah and Matt totally wasn’t ready for me to start pushing either… That’s why he jumped in with tshirt and sweatpants on :p Cedar Falls birth photography | Des Moines birth photographyI love the sunflare through the window in that shot ^ <3 A few pushes later, and we were meeting our beautiful and perfectly healthy baby boy. Cedar Falls birth photography | Des Moines birth photography Axl Lee Guenther. 8 lbs 2 oz. 21″ long. Cedar Falls birth photography | Des Moines birth photographyCedar Falls birth photography | Des Moines birth photography
Cedar Falls birth photography | Des Moines birth photographyTo my birth team: Thank you so much for supporting me during this amazing/beautiful day. You validated my decision to have a home birth, and I’m so so very happy for that. <3
Axl’s Birth Story from Amy Guenther on Vimeo.

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