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Hey everyone! Amy here. I’m trying to work on blogging more often and writing more personal posts. I guess maybe it’s my new years resolution. Most of you “know” me for my work photographing cute bebes, but you may not know how I got started. Back in 2010 after my boy was born, I joined an awesome online community of “momtographers” (we were basically a bunch of amateurs with Canon Rebels back then). We would ask each other questions about photography equipment, post our pictures in the forum and ask for critiques, teach each other new editing techniques, etc. Gradually, most of us turned our hobby into a profession that we love… but we never left our supportive community. I still go to this group daily with random thoughts and questions (some photography related and some not), and we all continue to grow as photographers.

Last month, one of our members had the awesome idea to start a monthly blog circle! We do a different theme each month and link to the next blog at the end of the post. This month’s theme is “Love”. I actually suggested that Lindsey write this post since she’s the Valentine’s day baby. Her response was, “lol!  riiiight”. So here we are…

I have a lot to love about this year. I got married to my best friend. (photo credit: Niña.Cecilia {creative spark})
2We got married on January 18th which is also the day my grandparents got married 55 years ago. They still love each other as much as ever :)
Grandma and Grandpa

And another thing to LOVE about this year.. Linds and I are both expecting our 2nd babies!
Cedar Falls newborn photography
I can’t wait to snuggle them both <3
Des Moines newborn photographyAnd lastly… I love my job.
Cedar Falls newborn photography | Des Moines newborn photographyI can’t imagine doing anything else with my life! I feel like I hit the jackpot :)

Next up is Haley Willingham’s blog!


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